We build a Concept & then Structure it.


The development of Revit MEP in recent years now allows us to create detailed data rich 3D design models, allowing us to truly collaborate with architects, structural engineers and other members of the design team in a 3D centric common data environment. We are now regularly utilising 3D tools and realising real and measureable benefits, not only in our own deliverables, but also to the projects overall.

We have experience in modelling the services for entire buildings in a virtual 3D environment however it is only through the inclusion of attached data that the projects have shown true benefit. These include:

  • Improved co-ordination amongst the design team
  • Reduction of design risk
  • Reduction of risk and potential delays during the construction stage
  • Reduction in Contractors queries and RFI?s
  • Improved information at all stages of the project
  • Improved analysis of integrated design by our sustainability and building performance experts
  • Reduction in programme and installation times
  • Improved As Built information at handover
  • Improved integration of Fit-Out information
  • Improved asset information for the building operators and facilities managers

We are continually developing our BIM and technology capabilities to utilise the same virtual model to include, not only design information – to better integrate our design workflow and allow the automatic production of equipment schedules – but to also include the asset and operational information needed to manage and maintain the building throughout its life. We see the development of BIM to be fundamental to the delivery of all projects, both current and future.



  • Electrical & Mechanical
  • High and Medium Voltage Substations
  • High Voltage / Low Voltage Distribution Networks
  • Power Generation
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems
  • Utility and Small Power Distribution Systems
  • Lighting Design and Control Systems
  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
  • Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems
  • Building Management Systems


The experienced site supervision team at Nottingham Mechanical & Electrical Consulting Engineers ensure that all parties involved carry out everything according to set design drawings and specifications during construction.

Placed part-time or full time on site, our team keeps the project on schedule, reducing technical risks and preventing errors with continuous supervision. They can effectively control and supervise every aspect of work to safeguard and ensure the successful completion of projects.
Our site supervision services can be complemented with our quality control services. This is an ideal combination that guarantees that materials, equipment, safety measures and the systems used comply with the highest of standards.